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March 31, 2008

Hi everyone. Yes finally I posted a new strip. I apologize that I haven't done so for the past few months and I'm well aware of the emails inquiring about the matter. I'm touched that a lot of you were worried about my well being and the situation of the comic. Well I've been putting the regards of my art into a lot of thought and I know that my conclusions will be getting some nays. But here goes...I'm retiring Lang Lang. I will officially retire it once this current story arc is complete. Truth is that as much as I was denying it, am getting bored and frustrated with the confinements of the rating of PG-13. Hence, me dragging my feet to draw the strips aside from real life issues. I still love the cast and be more than happy to draw them, but writing for them hasn't been on my mind anymore. There are other stories of my characters I want to draw and develop. The Lang Lang cast will cameo or even reappear in my other works when the strip retires indefinately and I will still be trying to get rest of these strips into book form.

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